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PLC and LabVIEW for Automation and Control

We develop automation and control system using PLC and LabVIEW. With the PLC we control your system reading temperature sensors, limit switches, control buttons, etcetera and controlling heaters, motors, lights, etcetera.

Data availability within a database

With LabVIEW we read and write the PLC variables, fill a database for further analysis, and provide a very nice and functional interface for the operators. The plant engineer will access the database to analyse the process behaviour and to detect any anomalies in the plant.

Plant and Process Upgrade

Automation project do not belong only to new plant; we can upgrade your existing process to improve the plant performance and simplify operation.

Remote Control

The solutions we will implement will allow to remotely monitor the plant. So you will always know what is going on with your system?

Our Automation Capabilities:

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