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Software and Electronic circuits Design

We love to address challenge, to undertake complex product design and to develop solutions. We have learned from years of experience designing various circuits and systems for industrial, defence, medical and consumer markets and we are ready to undertake your challenges and develop solutions for your products so that you will succeed in your marketplace.

Structured Design Process

We follow a structured design process starting from your requirements down the finished result; specifications, circuits design and PCB layout, software design and coding, FPGA design and coding, manufacturing, testing and validation and all of this, punctuated by design reviews.

ARM based Microcontroller

We use powerful ARM based microcontrollers to add intelligence to your product, to be able to handle high complexity and resource hungry tasks. We also use simpler MCU or specialized MCU to reach lower power consumption, reduce cost, reduce size, etc.

Analog Circuit Design

We know analog circuit design very well to be able to interface with the real world signals, to process audio and video, to read sensors, to harvest energy, etc.

Industrial Interface Design

Industrial control is not just about software but also a lot about interfacing real stuff like motors, valves, interrupters, sensors, etc. Our knowledge in analog circuit design makes us very competent in designing such systems.

FPGA System Design

We have the expertise in FPGA development to interface MCU and process numerical signals.

Power Electronic

Power electronics is not a mystery to us, we develop LED drivers, power supplies, motor drives using power MOSFET, custom magnetics, ultra capacitors, digital control, etc.

Embedded Software

To put all these circuits at work to control your system, we develop embedded software. We select RTOS such as Linux, Windows CE or others available and sometimes we do not use RTOS. We can also develop complex algorithm with DSP when necessary.

Severe Environmental Conditions

We know what tough environments are. We develop and test products for extreme temperature, humidity and even acceleration for industry like automotive, heavy machine and defence.

We are well positioned to work on your project and add our expertise to yours. Please call to discuss your project with us.