remote monitoring

cold room monitoring

industrial monitoring

Inventory and Asset Monitoring

You care about your inventory and asset, you need to know the temperature of your warehouses, your wine cellar, you need to track your vehicles, to monitor pharmacies or monitor the power consume by your manufactures; this is all situations where Internet of Thing may help. We have solution to offer for implementing and deploying distributed sensors across the city, the country or the globe.

Complete Monitoring Solution

In fact we have a complete solution for monitoring system for cold rooms and counters, greenhouses, server rooms and many other applications. Used to help ensure product quality, reduce inventory losses when equipment fails and enabled to monitor in real-time the status of your equipment. This system will help reduce your operational cost.

Archive Data and Send Alarm

Total Sensing Solution is a complete monitoring system that allows the user to archive data and to configure the units, to send alarms (SMS and email) and view real-time and historical values. You can monitor in real-time temperature, humidity as well as other parameters through the use of 4/20mA sensors such as pressure, flow, ph, etc...

Sensing nodes are Ethernet, Wifi enabled or Cellular based.

The technology is covered by patents:

Using a web interface you can access the sensor data from anywhere in the world. It can send alarm thru SMS or email.

You can take a look at and click DEMO.

tss system overview

We have software for implementing TCP/IP stack, a SQL client and RTOS as well as a database server, web service server and sensor service server. MCU is coded in C and the server services are coded in HTML, PHP and use MySQL server.

We are open to share this technology and adapt it to your particular market and application.