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PCB design and layout services, IPC certified Designers, high speed, multilayer capabilities.

Once your electronic circuit schematic is created and you feel very satisfy with it; we will design your printed circuit board layout with the same attention and care you give to your schematic design.

Cysca-Sysacom has a team of qualified IPC certified PCB Designers who perform in high speed and high density multilayer printed circuit board layouts. Our team has over 25 years of combined experience and has obtained the "Certified Interconnect Designer" which qualifies them as Certified in PCB Design Principles. Our team is committed in providing the highest quality PCB designs that link IPC standards with the growingly complex demands from our clients.

We develop PCB layout for customers from North America, Europe and Asia

In order to accommodate evolving semiconductor technologies and components miniaturization, printed circuit boards are getting more and more sophisticated. Surface mount package requires a thorough understanding of the printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly process to obtain a high level of manufacturability. More complex printed circuit board will carry high frequency signals and require controlled impedance lines, matched length lines, differential pairs, complex vias, etc.

By relying on our dedicated team, you make sure your PCBs are designed with consideration to the many electrical, quality, fabrication and assembly requirements.

We own different PCB CAD software

We own and maintain legal copies of our CAD software such as Mentor Graphics PADS, Altium Designer and Cadence ORCAD PCB Designer (based on Allegro PCB Designer technology) which our designers have years of experiences with. We also support Expedition and we can migrate your old CAD design to newer platform.

Wherever your schematics are done with Capture, DxDesigner, PADS Logic or even Altium, we have the tools to generate the PCB layout you require. All our software tools have options for high frequency board routing, allowing assisted routing as well as controlled and balanced impedance traces routing.

CAD tool provides 3D model so that provide PCB 3D model and we will check for interference by incorporating the model within the complete unit 3D model using Solidworks.

Our PCB Layout Capabilities

Our PCB Layout Design Process

We can provide thermal analysis of your PCB design in collaboration with one of our trusted regional partners. This type of analysis is useful to reveal hot spots and circuit sections requiring improvement or more heat sinking and ventilation.

We can do more the PCB layout check in more details our web site to discover our other services. As example our electronic circuits design services and our software development services.

Let us show you our expertise in printed circuit board design; we sincerely believe you will give us all of your future work. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you through to your final printed circuit board layout.