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Expertise in Power Electronics

Cysca-Sysacom has expertise in power electronics such as inverter, switching mode power supply and magnetic component designs. Over the years we develop various types of power supply topologies such as Power Factor Correction, Buck, Boost, Flyback, Full-bridge, push-pull, etc. We will develop your custom made power supply tailored to your application and to meet your specific requirements.

A Custom Power Supply Design?

In the market there are many suppliers for off-the-shelf power supplies and each offers a large variety: so why the need for a custom design? There are various reasons justifying this approach, think about particular output voltages and currents combination or about specific dimensions and form factor. There are also other less obvious reasons:

Switching Mode Power Supply Topologies

Digital and Analog Control Methods

Power supplies are mostly composed of two sections: The power sections and the control section.

Historically the control section was using analog circuitry and was using continuous time control theory, still today most power supply are based on continuous time control such as voltage mode, peak current mode, average current mode, critical conduction mode, etc. In these cases the PWM switching pattern is generated by sawtooth oscillator and comparator.

There is a new tendency to use processor to generate PWM switching pattern; this method is generally called digital power supply. In digital power the controller shall implement the feedback loop and make use of discrete time control theory. This is a new paradigm penetrating the market starting with special application requiring more control and functionality such as battery charger, inverter, solar power system, etc.

Custom Magnetic Components Design

Switching mode power supply contains power semiconductors such as IGBT, MOSFET, DIODE and passive components such as capacitors, inductors and transformers. Semiconductors, capacitors and inductors are available almost off-the-shelf, but this is really not the case for power transformer. Most transformers need to be custom design and manufactured.

At Cysca-Sysacom we develop ferrite transformer operating at frequency over 100KHz for various type of power supply such as for flyback, push-pull and full-bridge, multi-outputs other single-output. Sometimes we make use of coupled-inductor; so in these cases we design the entire inductor. We also design some tapped inductor for special application.

Our team will handle your next power supply design

We have design engineers, PCB layout team, model shop for prototypes and low volume production, test equipments, committed suppliers for components manufacturing including custom magnetic transformers and inductors. But the most important is that we have a strong dedication to success.

Because you need to rely on experts to bring your product design to completion, Cysca-Sysacom is the best partner for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you through to your final product.