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Generating Solution and Ideas

The Cysca-Sysacom foundation is built on strong engineering experience accumulated from the development of high technology products composed of complex software and electronic circuits. The Engineers, technicians and programmers of Cysca-Sysacom can help you develop innovative solutions adapted to your particular applications.

Our staff members provide a deep level of work experience from industries such as rail defence security and safety; lighting; mining; packaging; heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as aerospace. With this wide area of expertise, we truly understand the complexity and the challenges associated with the development and integration of complex systems. Our strong expertise acquired in a variety of domains makes us a key supplier as well as a valuable partner to address the most complex technological systems.

We can work with you to develop solutions for your current challenge, but we can also help you define future product road maps that will appeal to customers and leverage the latest technologies. In short we can also generate ideas for helping your company's future.

Technology Watch

Monitoring of technological obsolescence and evaluation of alternate solutions is an activity that must be carried out with special care. At Cysca-Sysacom, we understand this complex challenge and we will propose solutions adapted to your specific context.

Reengineering of Processes and Change Management

Improving and optimizing processes requires an acute sense of observation and special abilities to ensure people's buy-in and ultimately a smooth implementation of changes. Our experts will propose solutions tailored to your organization and your specificities.

Whether it be producing an action-plan to identify possible improvements to implementing and tailoring the right process and tools to maximize your resource potential, we can help.

Technical Analysis and Opportunity Evaluation

When it is time to evaluate or analyze a brand new technology, take advantage of our experience and expertise prior to finalizing a decision or selecting an avenue. We can provide a second opinion and neutral recommendations to help you assess a particular situation.

Engineering Documentation

Throughout their respective careers, our highly qualified engineers and computer science people have had the opportunity to participate in a large number of projects and programs where technical documentation was an enormous challenge and also an important part of the work to be performed. At Cysca-Sysacom we are proficient with standards such as IEEE-1558., DO178-A, DO178-B. We have the competencies to define systems architecture, detailed specifications, software requirement specifications, interface control documents, test plans, etc; and to elaborate detailed project plans, ensuring smooth project execution.

Public Tender Preparation & Tenderer Management

Preparing and managing public tenders requires both technical and soft skills, as well as a great sense of tact. Our system engineer experts have dealt with numerous complex situations and possess the abilities and skills required to help you get the best solutions for you needs.

R&D tax credit application

The R&D tax credit program is a crucial element to promote innovation. Filing the R&D tax credit application is a complex task that must be well planned and prepared. Because of our ability to understand the technological complexities, we can entirely take over the preparation of your R&D tax credit application to give you the best ROI.

Project management & mentoring

With our extensive expertise, our project managers will assist you in managing your projects. We can easily use your existing processes or help you define the best or improved practices tailored to your organization.

Patent write up

Our engineers have mastered the art of documenting invention and will help you protect your assets and know-how.