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Thermoelectric cells applications

Cooling is required in many applications such as air conditioning, beverage coolers, chillers, thermal stabilization of sensitive electronics, etc. Cysca-Sysacom offers thermoelectric controllers ready for integration into your applications. ATCC drives thermoelectric coolers (TEC) in current controlled mode and implements a PID temperature controller. Our ATCC controllers operate in standalone mode or connected to a computer through USB.

TEC finds its application in various industries such as aerospace, industrial, military, semiconductor, medical, commercial and consumer. They are used for air conditioners, refrigerators, Laser cooler, CCD cooler, etc.

Cysca-Sysacom thermoelectric technologies

We currently have three different platforms to satisfy various voltage and current levels. All our platforms are based on digital control and high frequency PWM. We even make use of three-phases BUCK converter to reach higher power level while reducing input and output current ripple.

From 12V to 48V, up to 20A

Our various thermoelectric controller platforms works from 12 to 48V and can provide up to 20A.

Control and configuration software

Our thermoelectric controller work standalone or can be interfaced with a configuration and monitoring software.

thermoelectric control software

If our thermoelectric controller did not fit exactly what you need we will adapt our technology to fit your particular application.